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Our Products

All our products are individual and handmade so while every effort is made to ensure consistency, by their very nature slight variations in colour, pattern and size of goods may occur. 


If you need any help with the size to order, please check out our Sizing & Fitting page for guidance or contact us.

Mini Braces

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Mini Braces can be clipped on to waistbands to pull them in a little.  They are especially good for toddlers still in nappies to close the gap at the back of their trousers or skirts and help to keep the garment in place. 


Mini Braces can be customised with a choice of coloured clips and either black or white elastic.

Mini Braces come in one size and are recommended for ages 6 months - 36 months.

Mini Belts


Mini Belts fit around the belt loops at the back of the garment.  They are adjustable with snap fasteners and provide an easy to use, buckle free and hands free belt option for your little ones.


Mini Belts are excellent for toilet training and young children as once they are snapped in place, there's no fastening/unfastening required to pull the garments up/down as the elastic stretches and contracts and keeps the garments in place.

Mini Belts can be customised with your choice of colours for both the elastic and snap fasteners.  

Mini Belts come in one size and are recommended for ages 6 months - 6 years.

Fully Adjustable Midi Belts by Crafty Bee Design
Maxi Buckle Belt Red White - Front - Han
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Midi Belts

Midi Belts wrap around most of the waistband and fit through the belt loops at the front of the garment.  They are fully adjustable with snap fasteners all the way round and provide another buckle free and hands free belt option.


Midi Belts are great for keeping trousers and shorts in place when your kids are in between sizes or the waistbands just too big.  Once the Midi Belt is in place, it does not need to be fastened/unfastened when pulling the garments up/down as the elastic stretches and contracts and keeps it in place, so your children don't need to worry about the buttons and zips.

Midi Belts can be customised with your choice of colours for both the elastic and snap fasteners.  


Midi Belts come in two sizes and are recommended for ages 1 - 8 years. 

Maxi Belts

Maxi Buckle Belt Grey Black School - Fro
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Back to School Kids Belt Club

Maxi Belts are full sized belt options that come with two fastening options:  Buckles or D Rings.

Maxi Belts with Buckles have been designed using a strong plastic clip and snap fasteners for adjustments.  Maxi Belts with D Rings are based on traditional style belts.

The Maxi Belt with Buckles also do not need to be fastened/unfastened when pulling the garments up/down as the elastic stretches and contracts, holding the garments in place, making it easier for the kids if they can't or don't want to use the buckle.

Maxi Belts with Buckles feed around the entire waistband, clip together at the front and then can be adjusted to fit using the snap fasteners.

Maxi Belts with Buckles can be customised with your choice of colours for both the elastic and snap fasteners


Maxi Belts with Buckles come in one size and are recommended for ages 6 - 10 years. 

Maxi Belts with D Rings are traditional style belts that feed around the entire waistband and fasten at the front, looping round the D Rings.


Maxi Belts with D Rings come in a choice of elastic colours and a number of sizes and are recommended for ages 4 - 10 years.


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